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Clearing the Font Cache for Mac OS X When using Suitcase Fusion 7


Fonts are bits of data. The Mac operating system and font-intensive applications use cached memory to store information about fonts installed on your computer. When you access a font, font data is loaded from the cache when it is needed and discarded when finished. This allows the operating system and applications to use less memory to give you better performance.


Overtime, you may experience problems with fonts, such as garbled fonts, rendering issues, failure to load or even experience a sudden slow down when loading the program. Additionally, fonts not activating or remaining activate are all signs of caching troubles. When this happens, it’s a good time to clean out your font caches. Fortunately, Suitcase Fusion has this functionality build-in to the program. Cleaning the font caches within Suitcase Fusion will clean caches for your creative applications supported by Suitcase Fusion as well as your Mac operating system.


Before you clear your cache, you will need to know your computers system password to complete. To clear your Font Cache in Suitcase Fusion 7: 
  1. Quit all other applications
  2. Launch Fusion
  3. Choose File > Clean Font Caches
       4. Click Clean and Restart
       5. When asked, enter your system password, and click okay.

Future Recommendation:
To keep your computer running in tip-top shape, we recommend clearing out your font caches regularly.  Effective font management is an ongoing task.  Establishing best practices, choosing the right tools and implementing basic processes, should be an essential part of every creative workflow.

If you’re still having troubles after you’ve cleared your caches, contact our Technical Support Team.

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Clearing the Font Cache for Mac OS X When using Suitcase Fusion 7
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Clearing the Font Cache for Mac OS X When using Suitcase Fusion 7